Blood-protection Doug Ponting

May 24, 2017

Doug Ponting shares on the protection of the blood of Jesus Christ! Also a special word from our mayor!


May 7 Blood-Inheritance

May 24, 2017

Jesus shed His blood to redeem your INHERITANCE! The enemy must give back what he has stolen, but you must take it, knowing that you are the rightful owner!



Strike your emotions with the Blood of Jesus

April 29, 2017

Pastor René McIntyre teaches us how to strike our emotions with the Blood of Jesus so they begin to line up with the Word of God.


Demand Your Inheritance

April 24, 2017

Hear from Pastor René McIntyre as she encourages us to demand our inheritance in Christ.  Forcefully taking back what the enemy has stolen.  It was purchased for you, you might as well take it!

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April 18, 2017

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